Change Management: How to Lead in a State of Change in Organizations

“The only constant in life is change” is a phrase attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Hence, we must learn to face and embrace change as a legitimate manifestation of life and not as an impending threat that should be avoided at all costs. In fact, a lasting stability usually turns into stagnation and precedes decay. Become a dynamic change leader in your workplace with this experiential and theoretical course that will forever transform your perspective on change.



  • To define change management.
  • To explain the value of change management.
  • To apply different models to facilitate change in an organization.
  • To activate roles that contribute to change success.
  • To formulate the foundation of a Change Management Plan to address a specific project.


Change leaders, project managers, change management executives, continuous improvement specialists, IT professionals, human resource executives, organizational development professionals, project team members, and all individuals interested in developing their change management and leadership skills.


  • Grow change management and leadership skills.
  • Lead change in the most productive, comprehensive, and empathetic way.
  • Use change as a driver for growth and improvement.
  • Help meet the strategic goals of the organization.