Human Resource Mediation Course

The name of this job position encloses its key focus: human. Conflict arises wherever two or more individuals share a space, so Human Resource executives need to be trained in mediation and conflict management. This is what this course will provide you in a theoretical and experiential way, where specific real-life cases will be discussed. Highly effective tips will be shared by an expert in the field. Are you ready to take your career to the next level?



  • To explore workplace, interpersonal, and group conflict dynamics and methods to effectively resolve workplace-related interpersonal conflict among employees.
  • To learn techniques for conflict resolution, conflict coaching, and mediation.
  • To learn core concepts of workplace conflict.
  • To learn dynamics of human conflict.
  • To learn common types and styles of mediation.
  • To learn de-escalation techniques.
  • To explore the role of confidentiality in the process.
  • To discuss conflict management strategies for face-to-face and online processes.
  • To prepare to conduct conflict resolution meetings with parties involved in workplace disputes.


Human Resource managers and executives.


  • Identify and understand different perspectives and approaches to the study of conflict.
  • Understand the role of conflict management and mediation techniques in the resolution of disputes.
  • Describe the different stages of human conflict and identify what techniques to use to help parties resolve it.
  • Identify and implement strategies for preventing or defusing rising conflict.
  • Integrate conflict resolution into various organizational cultures.
  • Recognize how mediator and party biases and cultural differences can affect the resolution process.
  • Identify the different styles of mediation and know which style should be used for different types of disputes.
  • Describe the different styles of mediation, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Understand the mediation process when participating in a EEOC mediation.