Mastering Difficult Conversations: When Addressing DEI, Employee Performance and More

Sometimes we fear or avoid certain conversations in the workplace because some topics are difficult, such as diversity, equity, inclusion, and performance appraisals. This course will teach you how to approach that task with an empathetic, assertive, and positive perspective, for the benefit of the individual, the work team, and the organization as a whole. Moreover, you will strengthen your leadership skills and your communication with your colleagues and staff.

Price: $ 29.98



  • To master the AKTDA core concepts to deal with inter-personal workplace conflict and become a conflict intelligent (Conflict-IQ®) leader.
  • To gain confidence when confronting others, having difficult conversations, and providing feedback to coworkers, peers, or employees is required.
  • To explore the five conflict management styles: avoidance, competition, adaptation, collaboration, or compromise, and to choose the best conflict management style for the conflict at hand.


C level executives, HR, managers, and all individuals interested in improving their conflict management skills, both for their work and personal life.


  • Gain awareness of the meta skills to upgrade the communication game.
  • Upgrade emotional intelligence by learning conflict resolution skills.
  • Become self-aware and gaining awareness of others’ differences.
  • Feel comfortable when dealing with high-stake or difficult conversations and communication barriers.
  • Build trust and credibility with colleagues.