Conflict - IQ® New Fronter to Mediate and Coach Conflict in the workplace (1hr Course)

Leadership means mastering a wide variety of skills. One of them is conflict resolution and this course is designed to help you sharpen your ability to mediate amongst parties in conflict for the sake of the team, the organization, and each individual involved in it. You will gain hands-on expertise and a new perspective on conflict as a valuable opportunity for personal and organizational improvement.

Price: $ 29.98



  • What is Conflict-IQ®.
  • What are the behaviors of a Conflict-IQ® person.
  • Why is important in today’s environment to learn how to deal with workplace conflict.
  • Learn about the Conflict-IQ® assessment.
  • To understand what conflict is, its consequences within an organization and its benefits from a positive point of view.
  • To cope with conflict intelligently for the benefit of all the parties involved, as well as the organization as a whole.


C level executives, Mediators, Coacher, Consultants HR, managers, and all individuals interested in upgrading their conflict management skills.


  • Increased skills for interacting and communicating with other people, regardless of their inherent discrepancies.
  • Increased respect and mutual understanding.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased ability to foster, embrace, and celebrate diversity.
  • Creation of an atmosphere of responsibility, critical thinking, and empathy.