What is a Conflict Management Coach?

coach conflict leadership development management Aug 22, 2022
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Lawyers are no longer the “go-to” professionals for problem-solving; instead, they are often seen as an expensive way of escalating a conflict. Corporations have started to opt out of the traditional dispute resolution system, instead they realize that conflicts deplete energy, resources, focus and at its worst it permanently destroys relationships. Litigation almost always produces these results.

The shift of thinking has led to quest for better ways to anticipate problems, take preventive actions, encourage focus in cooperative approaches to problem-solving and empower those in conflict to participate directly on the resolution process. For over 30 years the field of conflict resolution has come up with powerful and effective intervention tools such as mediation, restorative justice, and collaborative law practice, but until more recent years a group of scholars from distinctive fields of studies brought to surface that there was no intervention to help people increase their capacity to handle their own conflict. This finding became relevant to managers, workers, union leaders, teachers, parents, government officials, families and individuals.

Conflict Management Coaching offers professionals the opportunity for strategies and anticipate how to handle and respond to conflict. Whether to gain better balance, to articulate and clarify a vision, to develop a mission statement for life or work, to better manage time and tasks, to make a career or relationship transition and so on, coaching is gaining a foothold in organizations and corporations, in small businesses and at a personal level. The role of the coach is a combination of different functions such as a personal consultant, supporter, advisor, motivator and trainer.

A Conflict Management Coach helps professionals to expand self-awareness, acquire skills, build confidence, learn effective approaches and unlearn behaviors that affect you when conflict happens. The results of hiring a coach is that you can become more effective in direct negotiations, mediation, and resolving conflict in your everyday life, in general.

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