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Unitive Consulting works in the public and private sectors, as well as for professionals, teams and family businesses. Our approach is easily customized because our work is human relationships-focused.



Unitive Consulting, we understand how important for government agencies and educational institutions to provide superior services to the communities they support. We provide specialized trainings for their leaders and students in areas of restorative justice, peer mediation, communication and conflict management.



At Unitive Consulting partners with private corporations, small businesses and sole proprietors. If problems are not clearly identified and addressed, excessive conflict costs organizations time, employee morale, creativity, and productivity.


We understand the importance of creative cultural readiness in order to avoid costly misunderstandings, conflict between managers and subordinates,and improve employee morale. We focus on cross-cultural business communications and relationship building so clients develop strategies for open communication and cross-cultural success.



NPOs and NGOs also have unique advantages in their values-based missions, committed stakeholders and dexterity. Unitive Consulting leverages these elements to resolve conflicts in an effective, directed manner appropriate to the organizations’ missions.


Some of the challenges NPOs & NGOs may face are:


  • Concern that there is inadequate time, money or energy to address the problem given the pressing nature of the organization’s work.

  • Power struggles between the board of directors and staff to reach agreement toward the direction of a project or the organization.

  • Concern that the organization may lose its external credibility if a divisive issue is publicly acknowledged.

  • Inability to track the full costs of unresolved conflict.



At Unitive Consulting we understand that family businesses have unique set of milestones, challenges and problems.


Are you facing any of these issues?

  • Family members have different visions and goals

  • Role confusion

  • Emotional or political problems with family members

  • Informality or absence of clear policies

  • Communication problems provoked by any of the above


Family business challenges that are not properly addressed and transformed can deteriorate family relationships and compromise the business continued existence, leaving your next generation in an unfavorable position. Unitive Consulting will help you stabilize your business and family relationships so your company flourishes.




Unitive Consulting evokes excellence in others, by assisting clients to get to know the most important person, which is you! Our unique program helps you get out of your own way to become aligned, productive, balanced and goal oriented so you can:


  • Overcome conflict

  • Make decisions

  • Build trust on a daily bases

  • Increase productivity

  • Balance family and work life















































Corporate Clients

  • Solar Gard Saint-Gobain

  • 1st Healthcare Compliance

  • Sony Electronics, Inc

  • Illumina

  • San Diego State University

  • Aetna Resources for Living EAP

  • Intercare Insurance Solutions

  • UCSD, Frontera Clinic

  • UCSD iLead Student Program

  • State Power of Justice in Guanajuato, Mexico

  • San Diego Project Management Institute

  • San Diego Community College District

  • Event Network, Inc

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