Leadership & Conflict Coaching Services

Your experience and education got you where you are today, lets us help to take you to the next level in your professional life with a whole-person approach. Schedule a time to talk about your goals and what you would like to achieve.   

Coaching is a 1-on-1 communication process to identify attitudes (non-productive behaviors, denial, avoidance, no accountability, bullying, abrasive behaviors, or unhealthy competition that contribute towards inner conflict and projected conflict). Professionals are guided to engage in self-reflection for transformation and behavioral modification.  Through this unique process, clients gain a deeper understanding of their inherent knowledge, skills, and competencies. Ultimately, clients master the ability to manage unforeseen situations with ease and grace, as well as to stay in control of situations. Coaching is performed over the phone or online webinar sessions. Other options include web-rooms and group settings, as needed. We do short-term or ongoing support for school heads, board chairs, or their designees in understanding and dealing with conflict. Learn about People Management Skills 

Coaching Methodology
Conflict Management Coaching

It is a one-on-one process clients are coached to effectively manage their interpersonal disputes and to gain increased competency in their conflict management skills. Conflict management coaching may be used in the workplace and a range of other contexts and with many applications for this process. This process is part of the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. We specialize on working with Abrasive Behavior to restore conscious culture and leadership

Pre-Mediation Coaching

In an effort to make mediation more effective, pre-mediation coaching can be particularly effective to bring individuals from a weak, self-absorbed position to a self-reflective and empowering position to prepare you for a successful negotiation.

Is ideally useful to assist parties to follow through with their mediation agreement.

Post-Mediation Coaching
Leadership Coaching

An ontological coach is a particular kind of coach that is able to support people in achieving their goals and creating a new way of being. Even though people often know what they want in life, quite often they do not know how to get there. Similarly, they do not always know how to avoid what they do not want. Sometimes, people do not even know what is missing for them. We help you deal with this blindness and support clients to address what is missing for them in the different domains of their lives, relationships, work, family, career, and so on.


Coaching Packages That Clients Rave About

Unitive Empowered Leader





Effective Conflict Engagement and Resolution Strategies- What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

(ideal for Managers, Executive, HR professionals)

(3 to 9 mo. commitment depending on assessment selected by customer)


What you will gain:

  • Insight on outdated conflict resolution style that is not giving you the results you expect.

  • Discover the hot buttons hiding within in your subconscious that are high-jacking your leadership success. Be able to resolve issues with ease and grace and feel in control of the situation with dignity and pride.

  • Create Awareness of your Strengths and Weaknesses when dealing with issues.

  • You will enhance productivity and impact the productivity of others around you.

  • Improve your skills, become a great leader and communicator.

  • Transform issue into opportunities.

  • Become emotional and conflict intelligent to assess situations effectively.

  • Lead more effectively with results and passion.



Unitive Powerful Warrior




Empower Skills for Effective Performance and Communication

(3| 6| 9 mo. commitment depending on assessment selected by customer)


  • Breaking through sabotaging that high-jacks your success in the job you deserve.

  • Gain insight of your inner tools  through self-discovery.

  • Create awareness of your weaknesses leading you to failure.

  • Remove road-blocks and gain accountability attitude.

  • Be more focus in your job and enhance productivity.

  • Understand your supervisor like the palm of your hand.

  • Transform issues into opportunities.

  • Learn to negotiate effectively.

  • Have an overall impact on your professional and personal life.


Untive Insight on Your Creation



Cut-Through Conflict, Empower Yourself, Have Extraordinary Relationships

(3 mo. program)


  • Create awareness on your weaknesses that lead you to failure.

  • Utilize your strengths to achieve powerful communication.

  • Learn how to transform issues into opportunities.













Ad-hock Intervention

We do coaching intervention on-the-spot for individuals seeking to be assisted on a single and pressing solution either in person/Skype/Phone by appointment only.