Conflict-IQ® Women Smart Negotiators

Conflict-IQ® Women Smart Negotiators is a dynamic and empowering group dedicated to equipping women with the skills and strategies necessary to navigate conflicts and negotiations effectively. This group recognizes the unique challenges that women often encounter in these situations and aims to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for personal and professional growth.

Price: $ 45.98 / Per Month

Image Conflict-IQ® Women Smart Negotiators Membership


Who is ideal to be part of this coaching group: Professional women who want career advancements, negotiating salaries and negotiating a seat at the table.
✔ Exclusive Meeting of the Mind networking group.
✔ One 60-minute group coaching session per month.
✔ One monthly exclusive 30-minute 1-on-1 session with the CEO of Unitive Consulting to discuss high stake conversations, how to negotiate and receive personalized advice/coaching.
✔ Access to templates, articles, short learning videos, etc.

Empowering Women as Smart Negotiators: Join Conflict-IQ® Women's Group

Through interactive group coaching, individual coaching sessions, and peer-to-peer networking, Conflict-IQ® Women Smart Negotiators fosters the development of conflict intelligence and negotiation expertise among its members. The group offers a comprehensive framework that combines theoretical knowledge, practical tools, and real-world insights to enhance women's confidence and competence in conflict resolution and negotiation scenarios.

Join a Powerful Sisterhood: Empowerment Awaits in Conflict-IQ® Women Smart Negotiators

Members of Conflict-IQ® Women Smart Negotiators benefit from a diverse community of like-minded individuals who share experiences, exchange ideas, and provide mutual support. The group encourages open dialogue, promotes inclusive perspectives, and celebrates the achievements of its members.

Empowerment and Success: Unleash Your Potential with Conflict-IQ® Women Smart Negotiators

Whether aiming to succeed in the workplace, navigate personal relationships, or overcome societal barriers, Conflict-IQ® Women Smart Negotiators offers a safe and empowering space where women can enhance their negotiation skills, build resilience, and embrace their own unique strengths. By harnessing the power of conflict intelligence and negotiation prowess, this group empowers women to confidently navigate complex situations and achieve their goals with finesse and integrity.