We recognize that no two businesses are the same so there is no such thing as “one size fits all".  Whether that means a simple assessment, workshop, coaching, recommendation, or complete design implementation; we make accurate evaluations that make the most business sense. Our approach means that not only are your needs accurately and thoroughly assessed but the resulting recommendations and strategies will meet your budget requirements as well as comprehensively addressing the requirements of your organizations workforce.


Confidentiality: Any information provided is confidential to respond to your stated interests. No information, including your email address and telephone number, will be revealed to any other party.

Training & Workshops


We offer workshops, training, and lunch & learn to provide techniques to harness conflicts, foster positive competitions, enhance relationships, and to boost morale and productivity.  Our workshops are interactive, and use the latest research providing an exceptional learning environment which will have participants walking out-the-door with hands-on skills more...... 

Human Relationships 


Workplace conflict incurs a high, but , that is not considered in your overall budget. Our Cost-Analysis Assessment is designed to identify the issues affecting your organization. We collaborate with your HR department to tailor a unique Conflict Management Systems Design. We facilitate meeting with your team for an effective.  We offer non-litigation Mediation Services based on the Transformative module applied by the United State Postal Service more....



Coaching is a 1-on-1 communication process to identify attitudes (non-productive behaviors, denial, avoidance, no accountability, bullying, abrasive behaviors, or unhealthy competition that contribute towards inner conflict and projected conflict.) Professionals are guided to engage in self-reflect for transformation and behavioral modification.  Through this unique process, clients gain a deeper more.......

Video Tutorials 

Bilingual Workplace mediator

Interview by Dave HIlton, MA, 


The Conflict Specialist Show, everything you want to know about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The Power of Empathy for Conflict Prevention


Online workshop for 1st Healthcare Compliance


This video is from an interview with the San Diego Restorative Justice Program (RJMP). Yvette Durazo, provides Mediator for cases referred to this organization from the San Diego Juvenile Court. Mediation done are between victims and offenders.
Providing training for the SD PMI on January 2015