Human Relationships Consulting Services   

Workplace culture, history, and other factors are part of what we focus on our consultation. Our strengths lie in our ability to evaluate, analyze, and assess the core within the human relationships of your organization. Once our assessment is completed, we advise comprehensive approaches that bridge the missing elements for productive communication and cross-cultural interactions.


 Benefits of Consultation

  • Creates mindful alternatives to traditional solutions

  • Uncover the hidden-cost that is draining your bottom line

  • Help your HR department to minimize the cost associated with hiring/firing

  • Incorporates a collective voice for the team

  • Develops measurable results and a strategic scope

  • Everyone feels valued and engaged



Part of our Process

  • The Hidden-Cost of Conflict: Workplace conflict incurs a high, but hidden, cost, that is not considered in your overall budget. Our Cost-Analysis Assessment is designed to identify the issues affecting your organization.


  • Conflict Management Systems Design: We collaborate with your HR department to tailor a unique product custom-fit to your desired organizational culture goal, preventing you from costly interventions (such as firing, workers comp, litigation). The art of CMSD understands how to assess existing organizational needs, design and implement dispute systems that work in a coordinated fashion to address conflicts and disputes for quality decision-making and positive organizational culture. A CMSD brings a level of sophistication to your organization that is rare.




  • Meeting Facilitation: We facilitate meeting with your team for effective, transparent and accountable communication that can move forward stagnated Strategic Planning projects.  



  • Mediation Services: Mediation is a process in which a third-party neutral assist in resolving a dispute and creates mutually acceptable agreements between two or more parties. Decision-making rests with the parties, and the mediator facilitates the discussion and agreement without deciding the resolution itself.  Our mediation is based on the Transformative module applied by the USPS (REDRESS), facilitation communication to restore collaborative relationships. Cost-saving mediation consistently resolves 90% of workplace conflicts successfully.


Benefits of Mediation

●     Saves time and money

●     Avoids legal precedents

●     Confidential

●     Affords flexibility and informality

●     Opportunity to preserve relationships







  • Voluntary Participation and Self Determination

  • Impartiality, Bias and Disclosure

  • Standards for Conducting a Mediation

  • Confidentiality

  • Competence


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