Mastering High - Stake Conversations
The course from the book : Conflict - IQ™

Do you know how to create a safe environment for high-stake conversations at the workplace? This course will help you develop your leaderships skills for these scenarios where crucial decisions are at stake and where the desires of a variety of stakeholders need to be taken into account. Learn how to find solutions that are acceptable for everyone and increase the productivity of the team, all at once!



  • To explore the effects of unresolved conflict in the workplace.
  • To learn what Conflict Intelligence (Conflict-IQTM) is.
  • To explain how self-awareness can lead to Conflict-IQTM.
  • To learn meta skills in order to gain mastery in conflict management.
  • To explore techniques to transform conflict into opportunities.
  • To learn the role of people analytics in organizational growth.
  • To explore the difference between emotional conflict vs cognitive conflict.
  • To analyze how consciousness levels and conflict intelligence increase any organization’s growth and finances.


Leaders, employees, resource group leading (ERG) coaches, talent development specialists, supervisors, managers, CEOs and C level executives, Human Resource managers and executives, and all professionals who deal with conflict in the workplace on a daily basis.


  • Master the understanding of Conflict IQTM.
  • Learn techniques to be brought into organizations.
  • Gain awareness of the meta skills to upgrade the communication game.
  • Upgrade emotional intelligence by learning conflict resolution skills.
  • Become self-aware and gain awareness of others’ differences.
  • Feel comfortable when dealing with high-stake or difficult conversations and communication barriers.
  • Know what tools and resources to use in order to resolve conflict.
  • Upgrade leadership skills to impact others’ productivity and moral.
  • Improve organizational growth and culture.
  • Build trust and credibility amongst colleagues.