Negotiating on the High-Heels of a Smart Negotiator

For many years, negotiation has been considered a masculine skill, especially in the business arena. However, women are gaining ground and many of their innate qualities have proven to be useful for improving workplace effectiveness and harmony. Negotiation is not the exception and you can master this skill. Subscribe and find out what you can obtain in your future negotiations with the learning provided by this course.



  • To empower women to claim the relevant place they deserve in the business world.
  • To learn how to navigate in a male-business environment.
  • To build awareness of decision-making biases.
  • To learn how to negotiate in your career and salary.
  • To negotiate win-win outcomes.
  • To learn how to manage crises, changes, and conflicts.
  • To understand corporate governance.
  • To create an authentic and personal leadership style.
  • To gain insight from the latest in academic research and from the best examples in the corporate world.


C level executives, HR, managers, and all women interested in upgrading their leadership and negotiation skills.


  • Identify the different styles of negotiation and know which style should be used in the situation at hand.
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each style of negotiation in order to decide on the most convenient.
  • Understand the negotiation process.
  • Enhance leadership behaviors.
  • Upgrade leadership and negotiation skills.