Training & Workshops

We offer workshops, training, and lunch & learn to provide techniques to harness conflicts, foster positive competitions, enhance relationships, and to boost morale and productivity.  Our workshops are interactive, and use the latest research providing an exceptional learning environment which will have participants walking out-the-door with hands-on skills.  Our methodology equips our clients to expand their perspective, or “worldview,” and see the underlying issues affecting or fueling the problems; then we work with them to restore meaningful communication and strengthen workplace culture.


Benefits of a Conflict Resolution Workshop:

  • Cost-effective

  • Improves employee communication

  • Promotes team-building

  • Encourages trust between co-workers

  • Low cost and high reward solution for companies



We design creative, constructive workshops and trainigs on a

case-by-case basis to fit your individual needs.


Transformative thinking


Most Requested Workshops & Trainings

Interpersonal Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills

  • Preventive Conflict: The Color of Your Personality (Employees/Managers)

  • Harnessing Conflict for Project Momentum (Project Managers)

  • Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation (Public Health Professionals)

  • Bullying-Proof Your Organization (Employees/Managers)

  • Workplace Resiliency Building (Employees/Managers)

  • Nonviolent Communication, Empathy and EQ

  • Sexual Harassment & Harassment Training

  • Implicit Bias Training

  • Diversity and Inclusion to Prevent Conflict 

(Ideal for Lunch & Learns, Employee Assistant Programs, Wellness programs)

(Recommended for HR Professionals, Coaches, Managers)

  • Unitive Way Mediation, Advanced Techniques™  (HR , Coaches, Managers) 

  • Intercultural Effectiveness and Negotiation (Employees/Managers)

  • Stepping Into The High-Heels of A Smart Negotiator ™ (For Women Leaders)

  • Unitive Way Conflict Management Coaching™

  • Unitive Way Mediator Mindset™ - (When Crucial Convesations is not enought!)

  • Transforming Confilct Workshop

  • The Wabi-Sabi for Conflict Intelligence™


(Recommended for Employees, Managers, HR, Coaches)

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