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Unitive Consulting (founded in 2011) is your one-stop boutique firm that distinctively specializes in human relationships and high-performance enhancement for professionals, organizations and nonprofits. Unitive specialize in resolving workplace and interpersonal conflicts with speed, professionalism, confidentiality & finesse. We bring about harmonious resolutions and restore productivity to the workplace with a spirit of collaboration. Our focus is to provide the missing keys (knowledge, intelligence, wisdom) that enhance leadership skills, in an affordable solution to cut through conflict with creative results.



No one is immune to conflict. It is an inevitable part of life and change.  A 2013 Stanford University study reveals that a lack of skills to handle conflict in the workplace is the highest area of concern for CEOs. We believe that conflict can have positive outcomes for all parties when it is managed effectively. When we don’t deal with conflict well it can escalate and have varying degrees of negative consequences.


Human relations in the workplace, just like in any organization, are a major part of what makes a business work. Employees must frequently work together on projects, communicate ideas, and provide motivation to get things done. Without a stable and inviting workplace culture and climate, difficult challenges can arise both in the logistics of managing employees and in the bottom line.  Organizations that care about their Human Capital by providing an engaging environment at the workplace and a well-trained workforce are more likely to retain and attract qualified employees.  

We are strategically located in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California,  and we can travel throughout the United States and Mexico to provide our services in English and Spanish. 




Our Results

Climate of integrity

Foster high moral

Promote positive culture

Foster loyalty among employees

Increase productivity among employees

Quality of Service; Satisfy customers

Quickly adapt to meet the needs of a changing marketplace

SAVE you $$, by not hiring costly third-party interventions

Systems and processes that bring actionable solutions

Key to engage and build stronger relations

Effective meeting facilitation

Get to the bottom of complex situations

Superior performance and sustainable success



The Unitive Way™

Unitive Consultants remains impartial to promote a sense of trust. Trust is the cornerstone to effective conflict resolution. Once mutual trust is established, we help you clarify communication systems across cultures in skillful, non-threatening ways. We help you set the environment for an open exchange of ideas free of cultural taboos or offensive behaviors. We build trust assisting organizations to create healthy, resilient and sustainable businesses.  


We honor confidentiality: Any information provided is confidential to respond to your stated interests. No information, including your email address and telephone number, will be revealed to any other party.


Why Our Process Works

Our strength lies in our ability to evaluate and assess the needs of each of our clients. Once the preliminary work is complete, we bring open-mindedness and creativity. Ultimately, we build plans that restore communications, strengthen the company culture and improve productivity.


We have vast experience in cross-cultural relations and working with the Hispanic community, and also provide services in Spanish.


As your partner, we develop action items in which everyone’s values are respected and supported. We use our knowledge of individual personalities and focus on human dignity in order to create an emotionally safe environment that maximizes participation.


Our Assessments

Unitive Consulting is certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile, Personality Style Assessments, and Conflict Management Discovery. These powerful assessments are instruments that help managers and employees deal with conflict in the workplace. These tools are easily adaptable to different situations and produce more effective workplace conflict resolution. The Conflict Dynamics Profile improves awareness of what triggers issues and assists clients in moving forward and becoming sustainable, self-aware managers and employees in the future. 



We recognize that conflict is a normal and continuous dynamic within human relationship. Our mission is to empower our clients, upgrade your toolbox with sustainable leadership skills, and facilitate meaningful dialogue.  

We promote transformative perspective in the foundations that:

  • Envisions conflict positively, as a natural phenomenon that creates potential for constructive growth

  • Responds in ways that maximize this potential for positive change.


We facilitate an organic, neutral approach to dispute resolution, taking in consideration each individual’s uniqueness and cultural differences.

Our vision is to bring services that develop results when barriers, challenges and possibilities are identified.



  • To create awareness, where there is not

  • To provide training to transform human capacity

  • To influence responsibility, inviting mental shifts of perspective

  • To facilitate advocacy, collaboration, and harness completion

  • To make creative and healthy workplace environments

  • To assist organizations in their effort to Conscious Capitalism