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Unitive Consulting 

focuses on the importance of business and human relationships.

Unitive Consulting (founded in 2011) distinctively specializes in and offers all kinds of solutions for the human side of "Human Resources".


A 2013 Stanford University study reveals that the highest area of concern for CEOs is hiring employees and leaders who lack skills to handle human conflict in the workplace. 

Our mission is to optimize human capital for organizations, encourage psychological safety and to enhance performance, morale, and productivity. We bring out harmonious resolutions and restore productivity to the workplace with a spirit of collaboration and inclusion. 


We are invested to serve our clients with speed, professionalism, confidentiality, and finesse. We empower our clients to upgrade their businesses with sustainable leadership and people’s skills to foster an inclusive dialogue in the workplace. 


No organization is immune to interpersonal issues. When organizational leaders are unable to deal with organizational dysfunction, it can escalate and produce a wide range of negative influences in the workforce, leading to significant monetary consequences.


'Conflict Intelligent -Conflict IQ TM'

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Coaching with Yvette was a productive though provoking and valuable experience for me. Yvette demonstrated keen insight into areas I didn't think about. Yvette also has a strong understanding of how culture and personality intertwine. 

Michael J. Day

Global Executive| Marketing| International Growth Strategy & Business
Development | LEAN Startup

The unıtive way

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Our mıssion and purpose

  •   To support organizations to develop a diverse and inclusive culture.

  •   To provide training to transform human capacity on people's skills.

  •   To influence responsibility and invite mental shifts in perspective.

  •   To facilitate collaboration and encourage positive competition.

  •   To help construct a creative and healthy workplace environment.

  •   To assist organizations in their efforts towards a growth mindset culture.