A fractional ombudsperson is a professional who serves as an independent and impartial intermediary to help resolve conflicts, disputes, or concerns within an organization, industry, or specific field. The term "fractional" implies that this individual provides their services on a part-time, as-needed, or project-based basis, rather than being a full-time, permanent staff member.

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What is a "Fractional Ombudsperson"?

A Fractional Ombudsperson is a professional mediator who operates independently to assist in resolving conflicts, disputes, or concerns within organizations, industries, or specific fields. The term "fractional" indicates that their services are provided on a part-time, as-needed, or project-based basis, offering flexibility without the commitment of a full-time role.

Similar to a full-time ombudsperson, their primary role is to facilitate communication, mediate disputes, and work towards fair and equitable solutions. Operating across various sectors such as corporate environments, healthcare, education, and other industries, their goal is to provide a neutral perspective and guide conflicting parties towards mutually acceptable resolutions while maintaining strict confidentiality and ethical standards.

image representing the operation of the fractional ombudsperson
Image representing the benefits of hiring a fractional ombudsperson


Choosing a Fractional Ombudsperson offers several key advantages. Their part-time or project-based availability allows businesses to access the expertise of a seasoned conflict resolution professional without the financial commitment of a full-time position. This model provides cost-effectiveness and flexibility in managing disputes, ensuring efficient conflict resolution when needed.

Benefits include:

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to hiring a full-time ombudsperson.
  • On-demand availability for timely conflict resolution.
  • Expertise across various sectors without the need for multiple hires.
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