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  • In-Person Mediation - Mediation is a process in which a third-party neutral assists in resolving a dispute and creates mutually acceptable agreements between two or more parties.  Mediation is done in-person, the process is completely confidential and is not part of a legal process.  Decision-making rests with the parties, and the mediator facilitates the discussion and agreement without deciding the resolution itself.  Our mediation is based on the Transformative model that was applied successfully by the USPS (REDRESS). There are different mediation models, but transformative mediation specifically facilitation communication to restore collaborative relationships. Cost-saving mediation consistently resolves 90% of workplace conflicts successfully. without involving your legal council. 

 ****  It is important to note that there are attorneys that provide services as mediators. These types of mediation services are to provide neural legal advice or negotiate a settlement (evaluative mediation).  This type of evaluative mediation DO NOT focus on human-perspective needs, rather than providing legal information and negotiation money settlement. 

  • Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) - Online mediation services are a cost-effective service to the clients,  done online through ZOOM (a webinar application). Parties have the flexibility to be anywhere, without needing to deal with traffic. This is a very cost-effective service in comparison to in-person mediation. 

Benefits of Mediation

●     Saves time and money

●     Avoids legal proceedings

●     Confidential by California Judicial Court Law

●     Affords flexibility and informality to resolution

●     Opportunity to preserve working relationships

Mediation Services 

Business & Startups Disputes

Disputes among businesses and partners and not only lead to defocusing the attention to the actual business, but rather can lead to organizations to shut-down. Mediation can be a cost-effective way to open communication and negotiate in a collaborative and interest-based approach. 

Workplace Disputes

Disputes among employees can derail projects, affects employee engagement and morale. Conflict in the workplace can create a negative domino effect in your workplace culture, eventually creating hidden costs in the organization.


Family Disputes

When you and a family member are having trouble communicating or agreeing on important matters, especially when it comes to mutually owning a business, mediation is a great way to ensure both parties are heard on their interests.


Real Estate Disputes
When the dream of owning a home is shadowed by misunderstandings from the real estate agent and parties involved in the transaction of the property, mediation is a viable way to clear communication and assure parties are heard with dignity and respect.



If you are a landlord or a tenant and are having issues or are dealing with an eviction, mediation is the fastest and most affordable option out there. I have mediated hundreds of hours of landlord/tenant cases and am very familiar with the issues on both sides.


Non-Profit Board of Directors Disputes

As a nonprofit, it is important to have a good conflict in the boardroom, but when conflict among board members turns personal can be destructive to your organization and the community.  Consider a neutral-third party, mediation to help facilitate the communication among your board members.


Clients Disputes

As a business, you want to provide excellent services to your customers, but sometimes miscommunication can arise and disputes can become heated to a level that cannot be handled when emotions dominate reasoning. Contact us to discuss mediation services for you and your client.



“I highly recommend Unitive Consulting for any coaching or mediation needs. Unitive Consulting has provided Spanish speaking mediations through my company and I couldn't be happier with their ability. Yvette, the founder, is extremely emphatic and makes everyone feel heard and respected”.


Shannon Vajda, Owner of Pacific Coast Mediation, Pacific Coast Advocates